Fluid Isolation System


                                                         Don't Contaminate Your Drinking Water 

• Action's new Fluid Isolation System (FIS) was designed to

  eliminate the possibility of cross connection contamination

  back into drinking water.

• Easy winterization of the FIS will give you

  piece of mind that spring startup will be

  easy and hastle free.



The Problem


Stop and Waste Valve leaking.

Many water connections are plumbed with some sort of stop and waste valve. One of the problems is that overtime they start leaking.
This causes the land owner extensive time and money to repair the leak. Another major problum is this type of connection is a cross contamination. When the system is turned off, either for maintanence or winterization, water weeps out the drain hole in the valve. On startup any groundwater around the weep hole gets pulled back into the system. That backflow action contaminates the drinking water.


Your Solution

Action's Fluid Isolation System (FIS) allows you to isolate and evacuate the fluid from below frost levels to the backflow device. There is no weeping or water discharge underground. By using the FIS you will be eliminating the possibility of cross connection contamination into the drinking water system.

The FIS was designed for easy installation and maintenence.

The accessible top is equipt with  a flush valve and air valve. When the irrigation system needs to be shut down, your inlet valve and a valve on the backflow device are closed. open the flush valve on top of the FIS, and by pushing air into the FIS water is evacuated out of the flush valve.



Your Benefits

• No cross connection      contamination

• Easy install

• Easy to winterize

• Easy spring startup

• No more digging up leaking

  stop and waste type valves

• Save on water bills

• Save money