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  • What size filter should I use?
    The more open screen area you have, the less maintenance you will do. You can always bush down a larger size inlet and outlet to accommodate your pipe size.
  • What mesh size should I use in my filter?
    32 mesh is the most common for sprinklers. If particles pass through 32 mesh they will continue all the way out the sprinkler heads. For sand use a 50 or 100 mesh. For drip systems use a 150 or 200 mesh.
  • How should I install my filter?
    Always install filter with clean-out end horizontal or tipped downward. Install in a valve box or out of direct sunlight. See our installation page.
  • Why does my filter plug-up so fast?
    You may need to go to a coarser size screen. You can also consider changing to a larger size filter; this will give you more open screen area for longer periods in between maintenance.
  • How do I clean my filter?
    At the bottom of our filters there is either a ½", 1" or 1 1/2" thread (depending on the model) to install a manual flush valve. Open this while the system is running and the excess debris will flush through the valve. If there is still a lot of debris plugged in the screen you will have to remove the screen and use running water and a fine bristle brush to remove the debris.
  • What is the maximum working pressure?
    Our filters are rated at 200 PSI max working pressure.
  • What is the maximum operating temperature?
    Thermoplastics decrease in strength when the temperature rises above 73° F, maximum operating temperature should not exceed 120° F.
  • Why does my clear filter build up algae?
    Cover your filter from sunlight. Keep it in a shaded area or cover the filter.
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